• Where does the name Figgie come from?

    Figgie is a nickname for a stock Jane Street traded at the time that we invented this game.

  • I've never played Figgie before. How can I learn how to play?

    Head over to our How To Play page. You'll find detailed information about Figgie rules, game play basics, and strategy.

  • What if I have only one or two other people to play with?

    You can wait for another player who's looking for a game to join. Or if you don't want to wait, just add a bot! Game hosts can fill any empty seat by clicking "add bot to table" before the game starts.

  • Can I play a game by myself?

    Absolutely. Create a game and add bots by clicking "add bot to table" until four or five total seats are filled. It's a great way to learn the game, get some practice, and see if you can outsmart our bots. You can also have a look at the "Games Starting Soon" tab to join an open table with an empty seat.

  • What happens if a player runs out of chips?

    Players can continue to play with negative chips.

  • What happens if a player leaves a game?

    Players can leave a game at any point, and even join a new game. Their seat will continue to be held until the round is over. Other players just won't see them making any quotes or trades.

  • What happens if I get disconnected while playing a game?

    No problem. Just navigate to the "Games in Progress" tab and find your game. You'll see a "re-join" button that will get you right back in.

  • Can a round be paused?

    Yes, but only by the host. Other player's won't see an option to pause.

  • Can I review what happened in a round?

    Yes! After each round, the game's host will see a "Replay" button. While in replay mode, hosts can use arrow buttons or click events on the history feed to view the state of the round at the point of any game play action.

  • Can I change my screen name?

    You can. If you'd like to change your screen name at any time, click the "change name" link in the footer. You'll be taken back to the registration screen where you can enter a new name. If you're playing in a game at the time, just navigate to the "Games in Progress" tab, find your game, and click "re-join".

  • Can I watch a game without playing?

    Anyone can watch any ongoing game. Just go to the "Games in Progress" tab and click the "watch" button for any game. Players can see the number of people watching their game above the eye icon on the upper left of the game interface.